KG class rooms are furnished with fine furniture with A/C in all class rooms. Many play things are provided to learn by seeing and touching. Every Friday subject related activities are given to the Kids. Every month, some activity is given to the small kids parents support is astonishing with the help of parents our kids are enriched with new Knowledge. Our KG kids are shining stars of our school. Fundamentals are given properly with fine faculty so that they can do wonders in their future.

Our school SKV is like an oasis of karuppur. We assume for good education, fine discipline and overall personality development of the students. Parents can experience the improvement of your sons and daughters. Who ever enters into our temple of SKV will be successful and be a good citizen of India.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing occurs by chance. It’s all part of god’s divine plan learn to trust it and go where he leads you.

Dear parents, You can proudly seek admission in our SKV and experience the development of your sons & daughters

Communication System

Our school has adopted SMS technology to have easy and instant communication with our parents. We have made arrangements to send reports or irregular attendance of the students, their assignments, assessment of curriculum work, evaluation report on the academic performance, etc., that form a bridge between the parents and the institution for the all round development of our students.