All classrooms have expensive glass windows that open out to verdant spaces, allowing lot of natural light to come inside the classrooms. The school building comprises children from classes K.G to XII. The building has been very consciously built only at three levels so that children do not climb many floors. K.G. Classes are at the lower level, classes I are at the first level, classes II-V are at the second level and classes VI- XII are at the third level.

Learning is not restricted to the precincts of the classrooms. Ample courtyard spaces transport children on a creative stroll where they work effectively in teams.

Aesthetically and ergonomically designed furniture that is colour coded has been provided depending on the class levels. Low level bright colour furniture for primary children, intermediate level furniture for Middle school has been designed.

Students of classes VI to XII have their own mathematics lab, language lab, humanities lab. Every classroom has large windows that suffuse the room with natural light. The view outside invigorates the mind and acts as an emollient for tired eyes.



The corridors outside the classrooms have quotes that provide food for thought.

The landscape designed within and outside the school provides for a lot of free flowing spaces amidst greenery and shrubs. Gardening spaces are earmarked for children separately within the school to allow them to experiment with organic and other kinds of farming. Trees of different kinds have been planted.



SKV Hi-Tech Matriculation Hr. Sec. School Library, is a place where one can lose sense of time and place, lose one’s identity while traveling through the myriad scenaries and situations with literature’s most famous heroes, immersing oneself in books of poetry and becoming privy to the world’s best guarded secrets by browsing through encyclopedias.

The Library spreads over a vast area divided into four levels. Three levels accommodate the primary school children and the middle school children and a mezzanine level is used as the reference section.

Low level colourful furniture and thoughtfully designed open reading space add to the pleasure of reading. The mezzanine and top levels open out to scenic beauty taking the reader to a different world. The courtyard near the library is a serene place that can be exclusively used for reading.

The selection of books is done with care – stocks are upgraded continuously with the ever-alert library staff sometimes discussing with knowledgeable students to find out about popular tastes! The aim of the library is definitely to bring even the non-reader into its fold. Our School library is housed in the separate room with a wide variety of collections along with the newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Besides reference text books, the library has books on biographies, history, geography, travels, Moral Stories, Art and Craft and different geographical maps. It also has books on teaching and reference books which are meant only for teachers. The school library has a collection of antique books and an exclusive collection of books on Ramayana. and Mahabharata. The books are classified based on language, grade and subject and data is stored in a digital database.

Science lab

The school is well equipped with Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs, which adhere to the National Curriculum Framework. Apart from this, our labs are equipped with the advanced experimental techniques used by the senior secondary students for their projects. Adequate wash basins have been provided in all the labs. Practical classes are compulsory for all classes from 6 to 12 .


Sports Infrastructure


Playing and physical exercise are vital to all. Children are exposed to different games at the junior and senior levels. Front and rear areas of the building have been utilized as playgrounds. A large sand pit, jungle gym amidst greenery excites the little ones.

The School premises have a large play area to facilitate both indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games include Chess, Carom Board and Table-tennis. Outdoor games include Cricket, handball, ball badminton, shuttle cock, Volleyball, Throw ball, and many more.