Our Vision

SKV Hi Tech School strives to encourage and enable every student to develop his full potential by providing a high quality stimulating learning experience and an environment encompassing a wide range of relevant activities.

Our Mission

Its uniqueness lies in its characteristic blending of academic excellence with a religious atmosphere which moulds the conduct and character of the student community. The school sincerely believes that the all-round development of the personality of every child thus developed will enable him to serve the humanity at large and the community, society and the nation, in particular.

The School

Every week they will be taken to the smart class for learning through visuals. It is highly commendable and effective

Our new faculty members are trained to be more effective. Every month we have special program to develop their skill and to update themselves. Special Spoken English training is given to the Teachers so that they can motivate our students to speak in English.

Each students of SKV is precious to us. Individual attention is given to all the boys slow learness feel free with our teachers to learn and excel in all the subjects. Constant observation is being done by our correspondent and principal to improve the performance of the students and special remedial measures are given to our faculty members. Teachers are instructed to have contact with the parents of their class students to inform about the development, irregularity and performance of the students.

Infra structure is the key of any school New building is being constructed to accommodate our children, So that learning will be perfect for X & XII students, we consider them as the PRIDE of our school. Every morning wakeup call given to the student to get up early and study parents are very much impressed by this little move. Full year plan and cycle test Time Table is given, So that they will be conscious and prepare well for the Government Examination. Test papers are being corrected and feed back is given to the students to improve in their studies.